1.  Expansion of 'etc.' is

A) Extra

B) Excestra

C) Etcetera

D) Etcerta


2.  Find the odd one out.

A) Chirp

B) Twitter

C) Tweet

D) Twist


3.  Let's play football, _____?

A) Don't we?

B) Shall we

C) Willn't we?

D) Do we?


4.  John is the man _____ saved the children.

A) Which

B) Whom

C) Who

D) Whose


5.   If I were you, I _____ jump off the rock.

A) Wouldn't

B) Will

C) Would have

D) Wouldn't have

6.  Everybody claims to be right, _____ ?

A) Isn't it?

B) Aren't they?

C) Don't they?

D) Won't they?

7.  Calicut is _____ than Kannur.

A) Further

B) Fewer

C) Furthest

D) Farther

8.  By June next year, She _____ her promotion.

A) Will have received

B) Will receive

C) Has received

D) Received


9.  When do you wish _____ , now or later?

A) Start

B) Starting

C) To start

D) For start


10.  'The rat race among the leaders is revolting' - means

A) Corruption of leaders

B) Favouritism

C) Fierce competition for power

D) Corruption of people



1. C

2. D

3. B

4. C

5. A

6. C

7. D

8. A

9. C

10. C