1.  This is the place _____ Gandhiji lived.

A) When

B) Where

C) Which

D) Who


2.  Thirunelli temple is in the banks of _____ Kabani river.

A) The

B) An

C) A

D) No article


3.   Report the sentence "we will pay for the damage".

A) We asked to pay for the damage

B) We offered for pay to the damage

C) We offered to pay for the damage

D) None of the above


4.  Ombrophobia related to

A) Wind

B) Storm

C) Breeze

D) Rain


5.  Change to passive. "Michu is singing a Western song"

A) A Western song was been sung by Michu

B) A Western song was sung by Michu

C) A Western song was being sung by Michu

D) None of the above


6.   Which word is misspelt?

A) Defencible

B) Managable

C) Scoundral

D) Occupant

7.  Antonym of 'fickle' is

A) Contract

B) Constant

C) Calm

D) Clear


8.  He _____ to her until she agreed to help.

A) Made up

B) Make in

C) Make of

D) Made in

9.  Synonym of 'Qui vive' is

A) Aloof

B) Alight

C) Alert

D) Alone

10.  A date or time before which a particular task must be finished

A) Bottom line

B) Red letter day

C) Eleventh hour

D) Dead line


1. B

2. A

3. C

4. D

5. C

6. C (Managable is a misspelling of manageable.  Defencible is also not in use.  So this is an erroneous question.)

7. B

8. A

9. C

10. D