Some phrases and expressions you can use in welcome speeches. A sample welcome speech.

Here are some phrases and expressions that you can use in a welcome speech:

"It's a pleasure to welcome you all here today."
"On behalf of [organization], I'm delighted to welcome you to [event]."
"We are thrilled to have such a talented and engaged group of people with us today."
"Thank you all for coming and being a part of this special occasion."
"We have an exciting lineup of speakers and events planned for the next few days."
"I'm looking forward to an engaging and productive [event]."
"I hope you will take full advantage of this opportunity to learn, network, and have some fun."
"We are so glad you could join us for this celebration."
"Without further ado, let's get started!"
"Thank you for being a part of this momentous occasion."
"Good [morning/afternoon/evening], and welcome to [event]."
"It's my great pleasure to welcome you all to [event]."
"Welcome to [event]! We are so glad you could join us."
"Hello, and welcome to [event]!"
"I'm thrilled to have you all here with us today for [event]."
"We are excited to have you here with us to celebrate [event]."
"Good [morning/afternoon/evening], and welcome to [event]. It's a pleasure to have you all here with us."
"It's my honor to welcome you to [event]. Thank you for joining us."

Here is a sample welcome speech for guests on a dais:

"Good evening, and welcome to the annual company conference. My name is [Name], and I'm the [Position] here at [Company]. On behalf of the entire team, I want to extend a warm welcome to all of our guests on the dais.

We are honored to have such a distinguished group of leaders with us tonight, and we are excited to hear your insights and perspectives on [Topic].

I would like to take a moment to introduce each of our guests on the dais. First, we have [Guest 1], the [Position] at [Company]. [Guest 1] has a wealth of experience in [Industry] and has been a pioneer in [Field]. Next, we have [Guest 2], the [Position] at [Company]. [Guest 2] is a leading expert in [Field] and has been recognized for [Achievement].

We are also thrilled to have [Guest 3], the [Position] at [Company], with us tonight. [Guest 3] is a highly respected thought leader in the field of [Industry] and has contributed greatly to the advancement of [Field].

I'm confident that our guests on the dais will provide valuable insights and stimulate thought-provoking discussions during this conference. Please join me in welcoming them to the stage. Thank you all for coming, and we look forward to an engaging and productive event."

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