Cohesive Devices - Exercise

Fill in the blanks using the cohesive devices given in brackets.

[in addition, otherwise, however, as a result, moreover, firstly, in spite of this,  in general,  on the contrary, besides]

1.  It was raining heavily.  _______ the match continued

2.  _____ we are happy about the result.

3.  He directed the movie brilliantly.  _____ he composed all the songs.

4.  We were planning to visit Munnar.  _____ we were unable to go due to COVID restrictions.

5.  Businesses are doing badly.  _____ they are finding it difficult to pay back their loans. 

6.  Installing CCTV cameras will deter people from throwing waste in public places.  _____ it will help police to catch criminals.

7.  ______ I would like to thank all of you for coming.

8.  Answer only if you are sure.  _____ you will lose marks as there is negative marks for wrong answers. 

9.  People expected the stock market to crash due to COVID.  _____ it went up.

10.  Mahesh is not likely to get army selection.  He is always sick.  _____ he is only five feet tall.



1. In spite of this / However

2. In general

3. In addition / moreover / besides

4.  However

5. As a result

6. Moreover / besides / in addition

7. Firstly

8. Otherwise

9. On the contrary / however

10. Besides


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  1. Thank you for the tips on cohesive devices, appreciate them


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