Where do we use Et al.? Is there any difference between etc., and et al.?

The Latin abbreviation Et al. means ‘and others’.  Usually it is used to indicate other authors or contributors while referring to a book or article.  In citations et al. is usually used when there are more than two authors.
The name of the first author followed by et al. is used in text citations

Baker et al. (2018)
As per the findings of Baker et al. (2018),…

Et al. is the abbreviation of et alia (neuter plural) or et alii (masculine plural) or et aliae (feminine plural).  It refers to persons.  Etc. is the abbreviation of et cetera (neuter plural).  It refers to things, not people.  Et al. on the other hand refers to persons.

Etc. and Et al., what is the difference?


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