Emphasize Using Intensifiers; Very, Really, So, and Totally

To bring more emotion and emphasis to what you are saying you can use intensifiers.  Grammatically they are adverbs, adverbial phrases or even adjectives. But you don't have to worry about the grammar part.  Why should we use them?  The first sentence above is the answer.  Also they make your language sound natural.  Intensifiers are mostly used in spoken English especially in an informal context and colloquial usage.  You should not use the same exact spoken emphasizers in writing.  If you do you might be judged as lazy.

The most common intensifiers are very, really, so, and totally.

The movie was very interesting.
The movie was really interesting.
The movie was so interesting.
The movie was totally interesting.
The use of very is gradually declining.  Really and so are so much in vogue.  Totally is comparatively a new entrant and is catching up.  This is because the use of intensifiers change or renew over time, as they lose their impact because of frequent use.  

The following are the most common combinations 


very good, very important, very bad, very happy, very nice, very expensive, very first, very simple, very sweet, very close, very hot, very romantic, very special, very well, very attractive, very big, very hard, very long, very small, very casual


really good, really nice, really sorry, really great, really hard, really bad, really long, really happy, really cute, really important, really hot, really sweet, really funny, really stupid, really cool, really excited, really weird, really big, really crazy, really creepy


so sorry, so glad, so good, so bad, so hard, so sweet, so long, so great, so happy, so excited, so funny, so nice, so cool, so fast, so cute, so stupid, so awesome, so romantic, so hot, so far


totally cool, totally fine, totally awesome, totally different, totally hot, totally lame, totally right, totally new, totally okay, totally psyched, totally silent, totally sweet, totally true, totally affectionate, totally amicable, totally annoying, totally disgusting, totally boring, totally calm

As an exercise you can try making some sentences using these intensifiers.

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