How to Say "Thank You" and Various Ways to Respond to "thank you"

Ways to Say Thank You 


Thank you so much.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for helping me. 

I really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot.

That's so kind of you.

I can't thank you enough/

I owe you one.


Ways to Respond to Thank You

You're welcome. (Most common and perfectly alright)

But this is a bit overused expression.  To bring variety into your conversation you can try other options

You're very welcome.
You're most welcome. (formal)
You're quite welcome.
You're so welcome. (Response to "Thank you so much.")

Thank you so much for giving me the lift.
Oh! You're very welcome.

No problem!  (More American) (Too casual, better to avoid)
No worries!
No issues!
Not a problem!
No big deal!
It's OK!
It is/was no bother

Thanks for the help.
No problem.

Thank YOU! (Emphasizing 'you' when somebody thanks and you think actually 'they' should be thanked.)

Thank you for coming
Thank YOU!  (Thank you for inviting me.)

The pleasure is mine! (Formal)
It was my pleasure!
Pleasure is all mine!
My pleasure! (less formal)
Pleasure! (casual)

Thanks for taking the bags in for me.
Thank you for buying me the drink.
My pleasure!

I know you'd do the same for me! (with people you know)

I'd like to thank you for watering my plants when I was away.
I know you'd do the same for me!

That's alright!

You can use this two ways.  When somebody thanks you for doing something which you didn't want to do you can say
That's alright!

Depending on the tone, it can also be a warm response.

Thanks for dropping me at the station.
That's alright!

No worries! (Casual)
Don't worry about it.
No sweat! (Casual)

Thanks for letting me know that my water tank was overflowing.
No worries! I thought I'd better tell you.

Don't mention it! (British) (means, it was nothing.)

Thanks for buying me coffee.
Don't mention it.

It was the least I could do. (British)

Thanks for taking my son to hospital.
Oh! It was the least I could do!

Anytime! (Casual) (meaning, I would do it for you anytime.)

Thanks for lending me your book.
Oh! Anytime!

Anything for you.
Anything, anytime.

Sure!  (Casual) (American)
Sure, no problem!
Sure thing!
Of course!  (Casual) (meaning, it's obvious that I would do that because I want to do that)

Thank you for recommending me.
Sure, no problem!

It was nothing!  (Means, it was no extra effort for me)
It's nothing!
Think nothing of it!

Thank you for picking my son up from school.
Oh! It was nothing!

Much obliged!  (British, Old fashioned, formal)(Meaning, I am very much obliged to you.)

Thank you very much.
Much obliged!

You're most welcome!  (Very formal)

Thank you for sending me the application.
You're most welcome!

We appreciate your business! (to a business client)
We appreciate your custom! (to a customer)

I'm happy to help!

Thank you for helping me with the groceries.
Oh! I'm happy to help.
I'm happy to do it.
It was nothing.  I'm happy to help.

Glad to help!

I was happy to be of assistance!
No need to thank me!

In formal situations we generally avoid contractions.


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