Woke vocabulary

Woke is a slang term that came int to the mainstream by 2016-17 (First use 1940s) popularized by the black community.  'Stay woke' means to be aware of and actively attentive to the social, racial and other injustices.  Woke language is 'politically correct' language which is not very easy to accomplish all the time.

But today the word is co opted and we see its use more often to criticize the woke culture signifying pretentiousness and cultural elitism.

Some collocations of 'woke' are

woke culture, woke people, stay woke, woke politics, woke left, woke messages, woke capitalism, woke campaigns, 

The term entered the Oxford Dictionary in 2017.

Go woke, go broke!  (John Ringo about brands using overt political commentary in advertising running the risk profit decline)

Here are some words used in the context of woke culture.


Being supportive to marginalized and mistreated group even though you do not belong to that group.

His allyship with the LGBT community was widely appreciated.

Talking about marginalized, just to get the attention of the press is poor allyship.

You can turn your shopping into an act of allyship by purchasing products sourced from transgender cooperatives.


Actions, remarks or incidents that unintentionally discriminate against a marginalized group.

Eg: "I am not a racist.  I have several black friends."

"And then I'll stand and stroke his silver hair,

And be like him and he will then love me."

Last lines of "The Little Black Boy" by William Blake. 


Fear or dislike of people, things, cultures and expressions that are different from us or ours.

The xenophobic actions of our leaders have lead to much suffering.

His political speeches often promote xenophobia. 

Structural racism

The influence of racism ingrained into culture, social structures, policies, and institutions.  The effect of this is more harmful and more difficult to eradicate than individual incidents of racism.


Intersection of  different types of oppression that amplifies and complicates one another.  For example, women of color experience both racism and sexism and the complex combined effects.

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