Some habits involving your body - Words and Phrases

    People have many rude, annoying and disgusting habits that are body related.  Sometimes they are involuntary and subconscious.  These are bad habits that you should not do in front of people.  If we want to mention them we need the words and phrases that are commonly used to talk about them.  Here are a few.

Picking one's nose

    The habit of inserting your finger into your nostrils to dig out boogers or dried mucus. Sometimes you just stick it up your nose and give it a twirl. It has a fancy name when it becomes an obsessive compulsive disorder.  Rhinotillexomania

Sniff / sniffle

    When you have a cold there will be snot (mucus) in your nose and you sniff and make a noise which is disgusting for the people around.

Cracking knuckles / popping knuckles

    People do this to release tension, out of anxiety or nervousness, or for the mere joy of listening to the popping sound.

    Stop popping your knuckles

Cracking neck /back

    After the long hours at the desk she cracked her neck and got up.

Popping pimples

    Some people have an urge to squeeze a blemish or a clogged pore.  It is neither good for your skin nor for your reputation.

Popping zit

    (zit is the swollen red spot on the skin )

Biting nails  (Fancy name - Onychopagia)

Pulling out hair / hair pulling (Fancy name - Trichotillomania)

Twirl and pull hair

Tooth clenching and grinding

Skin picking  (Fancy name - Dermatillomania / excoriation disorder)

    Picking at scabs, bumps, dead skin of the lips, 

    Stop picking at your lips.

Picking your teeth

    If something is stuck between your teeth, excuse yourself, go to a restroom and pick your teeth.

Picking scabs

Popping /snapping gum in public

    Chewing gum in a noisy way 

Blowing bubbles with chewing gum

Clicking your pen

Lick or bite lips

Biting your pen/pencil

Picking hair

Picking eye boogers (eye gunk or eye crust)

Grinding teeth

Rushed speech

Tapping your foot 

Touching your face

Fidgety fingers

Fiddling with keys

Slouching at the computer

Checking your hair/eyebrows/makeup/nails (excessively)

Talking with mouth full

Eating too fast/not chewing

Scratching your butt


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