Talking about unpleasant / foul smell

Here are some expressions that you can use to talk about a foul smell:

"It smells putrid in here."
"The smell is nauseating."
"The smell is making me sick to my stomach."
"The smell is overpowering."
"The smell is overwhelming."
"The smell is overpowering and nauseating."
"The smell is so strong it's making me nauseous."
"The smell is so foul it's making me nauseous."
"The smell is so bad it's making me sick."
"The smell is so overpowering I can't stand it."
"What’s that smell?"
"What smells?"
"Do you smell something?"
"What’s that stench?"
"What stinks?" (informal)
"Do you smell gas?"
"That reeks."
"That smells."

It's important to be mindful of your words and to speak kindly and respectfully, even when talking about unpleasant smells.

To ask someone to smell something

Get a whiff of this!
Take a whiff of this.
Sniff this.

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