Brand names that are used as regular words in English


There are some brand names that have become so commonly used that they are now considered regular words in English. Here are some examples:

  1. Google - The term "Google" is often used as a verb meaning to search for something on the internet. For example, "I'll Google that information for you."

  2. Xerox - "Xerox" is often used as a verb meaning to make a photocopy. For example, "Could you please Xerox this document for me?"

  3. Band-Aid - "Band-Aid" is a brand of adhesive bandages, but it is commonly used to refer to any adhesive bandage, regardless of the brand. For example, "I need a Band-Aid for this cut."

  4. Kleenex - "Kleenex" is a brand of facial tissue, but it is often used as a generic term for any facial tissue. For example, "Could you pass me a Kleenex?"

  5. Velcro - "Velcro" is a brand of hook-and-loop fasteners, but it is frequently used to refer to any similar type of fastening system. For example, "Please use Velcro to attach the fabric together."

  6. Photoshop - "Photoshop" is the name of Adobe's image editing software, but it is often used as a verb meaning to digitally manipulate or edit an image. For example, "They photoshopped the picture to make it look better."

  7. Airbnb - "Airbnb" is a platform for booking accommodations, but it is often used to refer to any online platform for booking short-term rentals. For example, "Let's find an Airbnb for our vacation."

  8. Uber - "Uber" is a ride-hailing service, but it is sometimes used as a verb meaning to use a ride-hailing service or to request a ride. For example, "I'll Uber to the restaurant."


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