Learn some informal conversaional phrases with the movie "Unknown"

"Unknown" is a great movie for learning some English in action.  The best thing about it is that there are not many slangs, phrases or idioms in it that are difficult to understand.  The script is in pretty straight forward English. 

Short summary

"Unknown" follows the story of Martin Harris, who arrives in Berlin for a biotechnology summit with his wife, Liz. However, a series of events, including a taxi accident and amnesia, lead him to discover that another man has taken on his identity, and Liz denies knowing him. With the help of a private investigator and a taxi driver named Gina, Harris unravels a conspiracy involving a secret terrorist group, Section 15, and a plot to assassinate a scientist named Bressler. As he regains his memory, Harris realizes he was part of the terrorist plan but now seeks to stop it. With Liz's involvement in the plot exposed, a bomb threat emerges. Harris and Gina work to thwart the assassination attempt, leading to Liz's death. In the end, they prevent the catastrophe and start anew with changed identities.

Here are some sentences from the movie that you can use to improve your English.

I need a place to crash tonight.
To crash here means to sleep.

The light is broken. You need to leave the door open if you want to see anything.

If they killed Biko, they'll kill me just as easily.

I've figured something out.

It got left behind at the airport.

I would say he was damn lucky.

I know you'd do the same for me.

Last time I looked.


Here is a script of the movie.  After watching it you can take short conversational snippets and role-play with one of your friends or even practice yourself. 

For example use the following scene which is the last scene of the  movie where Martin Harris and Gina take up new personas.

Hey. Now you're free to do whatever you want.

Claudia Marie Taylor.
- I like it.

- It suits you.

Who are you?

Henry. Henry Taylor.

Ahh. Nice to meet you, Mr. Taylor.

Nice to meet you.



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