Learn Some Conversational Phrases with Equalizer 3, Hundred Percent & Nicely Done


Listen to the following conversation:

Someone left this for you at the front desk.
How you feeling?
Hundred percent.
‘Cause we got a meeting with the director in 30 minutes.
He wants to meet the person who broke open the Italian situation.
Nicely done.

When the person says, "Hundred percent," she is saying that she is feeling completely well or completely okay. It's a colloquial way of saying that she is in good condition or good health.

Some other colloquial ways to say you're alright

I'm good.
I'm doing fine.
I'm okay.
I'm all right.
I'm great.
I'm not bad.
I'm hanging in there.
I'm doing good/great/fine.
I'm doing well.
I'm good to go.
I'm on top of the world.
I'm surviving.
I'm peachy.
I'm solid.
I'm not too shabby.


There are several ways to express "nicely done" or to compliment someone on a job well done. Here are some alternative phrases:

Well done!
Great job!
Excellent work!
Good going!
You nailed it!
Fantastic job!
Kudos to you!
Way to go!
Terrific work!
You did it beautifully!
Hats off to you!
You've got skills!
Thumbs up!
That's amazing!

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