Words, Phrases and Sentences Related to Washing Clothes / Laundry

Clothes that need to be washed or newly washed are called laundry.  Here are some laundry related words, phrases and sentences

Split your laundry into whites, lights colors and darks
Separate your laundry in to whites, lights, colors and darks
Sometimes you hand wash clothes
Sometimes you wash clothes by hand
Tumble dry
If you wash them together, the colors will fade and stain.
The white clothes will change color if we are not careful
I like the smell and feel of freshly clean clothes
It costs quite a bit to dry clean the clothes
Utility sink can be used for hand washing

Soiled clothes
Heavily soiled clothes
Delicates like lace and lingerie
Sturdy items like towels and blankets

Scrubbing brush
A laundry basket
A clothes peg
Laundry bag
Clothes hanger
An ironing board
Dry clean
Basket /it/
Light colored clothes and dark clothes
Mild detergent
Strong detergent
Washing machine
Drying rack
Ironing board
Wash cycles of a washing machine
Load size
Dials and buttons
Wash cycle
Rinse cycle
Spin cycle
Top loader
More fancy ones are front loader
Laundry detergent
Fabric softener
Stain remover
Lint screen
Empty the lint screen
Static, staticky
Dye fixative
Color catcher
Colourfast fabric
Some stuff is dry clean only
Soak clothes in soapy water
Let it soak for some time.
If you wash often your clothes may fade.
Throw them in the wash
Don’t wash all your clothes after one wear.

Color run
Why does color run in the wash
Wash separately to prevent its dyes from transferring to other clothes
Bleeding laundry is a nuisance
Dye bleeding
Dye transfer
There are many things you can do to prevent your clothes from bleeding dye
Color rubs off
At the risk of bleeding in the wash
Those not bleeding are colorfast

Laundromat (Am)
Launderette (Br)
These are places where you pay to use washing machines.

Washerman (S Asia)


Do the washing and do the laundry are the same
Washing up refers to cleaning the dishes
I did the cooking, so you must wash up.
Wash up also means to clean one's hand and face
Go wash up


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