What words phrases and sentences can you use to talk about what you do to dry yourself after a shower or a bath?

Words Phrases and Sentences  to Talk about What You Do to Dry Yourself After a Shower or a Bath

Use your bath towel to dry your hair.
She dried her hair with a towel.
I dried myself with the towel after the shower.
Dry off your hair after shower
When you are finished taking a bath dry yourself off using a bath towel.
When you are finished washing your hands dry your hands off using a hand towel.
I patted myself down with the towel but missed a few spots here and there.
He toweled his hair dry
He rushed out of the bathroom without even toweling himself down.
I toweled myself dry.
She climbed out of the tub and quickly toweled off.
He dried himself off with a towel.
Towel dry your hair before you use a hair dryer.
Is it better to towel off or air dry?
Squeeze the water out of your hair before stepping out of the shower.
Rub the water out of your hair.
Avoid rubbing the towel vigorously on your hair.
Heat drying may damage your hair.
I usually avoid heat styling my hair.
Hair dryers can leave your hair fried and frizzled.
Use your hair dryer on a lower setting.
If you use your hair dryer on a higher setting, it makes your hair more at risk of drying out, more at risk of damage.  It is also bad for your scalp.
Wrap your hair up in a towel.
Wrap the towel around your head after shower.
Towel off
Towel dry
Towel down
Rub with a towel
Dry with a towel


Both the spellings towelled/towelling (Br) and toweled/toweling (Am) are correct.