Kerala PSC - Common Preliminary Examination (Plus Two Level) English Previous Exam Questions Part 3 (2021)

1.  Many people have died _____ Corona

A) Of

B) By

C) At

D) To

2.  I _____ a mad man yesterday

A) See

B) Saw

C) Have see

D) Have seen

3.  Richard is _____ honest person.

A) The

B) An

C) A

D) Of

4.  Ramu seldom attends the monthly meeting _____ ?

A) Don't he?

B) Does Ramu?

C) Does he?

D) Did he?

5.  If I were you, I _____ about it.

A) Will complain

B) Would complain

C) Would have complain

D) None of these

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