Saying sorry for being late

How to say sorry for being late, englishtipz, conversational english phrases


"I'm really sorry for being late."
"I apologize for keeping you waiting."
"I know I'm running behind schedule, and I'm truly sorry."
"I didn't intend to be late, and I apologize for any inconvenience."
"Please accept my apologies for not arriving on time."
"I'm sorry I couldn't make it on time as planned."
"I hope you can forgive me for the delay."
"I'm aware that I'm late, and I'm sincerely sorry for that."
"I regret that I couldn't be punctual today."
"I'm deeply sorry for the delay and any inconvenience it may have caused."

You can also include explanations if necessary:

"I got caught in unexpected traffic, which caused the delay."
"There was an unexpected situation at home that made me late."
"I underestimated the time it would take to get here."
"I had some technical issues that prevented me from leaving on time."
"I encountered a transportation problem that caused the delay."
"I apologize for the delay; I had to address an urgent matter before coming."
"I'm sorry for being late; I encountered a detour due to road construction."
"An unforeseen event caused me to be late, and I sincerely apologize."
"I got held up with an important call that I couldn't ignore."
"I apologize for the delay; I faced unexpected delays while preparing to leave."

Some casual expressions

"Hey, I'm really sorry I'm running behind!"
"Oops, lost track of time! My bad, sorry!"
"Sorry for keeping you waiting, things got a bit crazy."
"I know, I'm fashionably late... not on purpose though!"
"Running on 'fashionably late' time today, apologies!"
"Sorry for the delay, life happened!"
"I'm here, finally! Apologies for making you wait."
"Time got away from me, my apologies for being late."
"Hey there, sorry for being tardy to the party!"
"I promise I didn't mean to be late, sorry about that!"

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