Different Ways of Cooking - Cooking Vocabulary


A method of cooking by using dry heat and surrounding the foods with hot air.  Typically a semi liquid dough solidifies during baking. It is a slow cooking procedure at comparatively lower temperature. While using baking setting, heat comes from the bottom of the oven.  


This is a way of cooking solid foods like fish meat or vegetables by a very high dry heat.  Usually the heat source is above if it is done in an oven.


Grilling is very similar to broiling and both words are sometimes used interchangeably.  Usually grilling is an outdoor cooking process using charcoal and placing the food on a grill rack.


Roasting uses heat from top and bottom.  The fat on the surface of the food helps the roasting process.  It uses slightly higher temperatures than baking.


Toasting is a process of exposing bread or nuts to radiant heat and the outer surface is made brown and crisp.  Toasting is done on foods that do not require cooking.  


Frying is cooking in oil or fat.  Depending on the amount of fat used and the type of vessel involved there are different methods of frying.


Sauteing uses very small amount of oil in a shallow pan and the food is often tossed or stirred to distribute heat evenly.

Stir frying

It is almost similar to sauteing.  Very little oil is used and the food is tossed often.

Pan frying

Pan frying also uses very small amount of oil.  Food is flipped at least once to cook both sides

Shallow frying

Shallow frying has food  partly submerged almost halfway up to the side in oil and it has to be flipped to cook the other side.

Deep frying

Deep frying has food fully submerged in oil and a high temperature is used.  

Rotisserie / Spit Roasting

This is a method of cooking by rotating skewered meat or vegetables over fire or in an oven.  It is a method of roasting.  You can use a vertical rotisserie for making shawarma

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