Dinner vs. Supper ; What is the Difference? What time is Dinner?

Dinner vs Supper English Tips
These words are and can be used interchangeably. Usually both refer to the last meal of the day.  But dinner does not necessarily refer to a particular time.  It is just the main meal of the day.

In agrarian societies, the main meal was during the noon time.  It is still so in societies that are more farmer centric.  Supper was just a light meal.  Even the word origin suggests that.  (Sup > >Soupe> Super (Anglo French) > Supper) But as the social habits changed especially in the west the main meal shifted to the evening.  This started with the beginning if industrial revolution.  For people working in an office, evening was the best time to have a meal with the family.

In the Indian context, 'dinner' is a largely a formal word.  'Supper' is what people eat regularly in the evening.  In the US and Europe, dinner is a more popular word except in some regions having a greater reliance on agriculture.  If your ancestors were farmers, there is a greater chance for you to use the word supper more than dinner.

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