Some Collective Nouns for Groups of People

collective nouns for groups of people.  commonly used english collective nouns, englishtipz

Here is a list of commonly used collective nouns for groups of people.

A band of musicians
A choir of singers
A class of students
A committee of members
A company of colleagues
A crew of workers
A crew of sailors
A crowd of spectators
A delegation of ministers
An ensemble of performers
A family of relatives
A gang of criminals
A group of friends
A herd of people
A horde of invaders
A mob of protesters
An orchestra of musicians
A panel of experts
A party of guests
A team of athletes
A troop of scouts
A troop of warriors
A tribe of natives
A squad of soldiers
An assembly of delegates
A bench / panel of judges
A board of directors
A battalion of soldiers
A bevy of beauties
A brigade of firefighters
A brotherhood of monks
A bunch of friends
A cadre of leaders
A camp of refugees
A cast of actors
A choir of singers
A circle of friends
A clan of relatives
A coalition of allies
A collective of artists
A colony of settlers
A community of people
A congregation of worshipers
A convoy of vehicles
A coven of witches
A clique of friends
A division of soldiers
A faction of rebels
A fellowship of scholars
A fleet of ships
A flock of tourists
A fraternity of brothers
A group of dancers
A gathering of friends
A guild of craftsmen
A host of angels
A legion of soldiers
A league of athletes
A lineup of players
A membership of subscribers
A team/group/squad of volunteers
A crowd/throng/team/gathering/network/flock of supporters
An order of knights
An outfit of cowboys
A pack of hikers
A pack of thieves
A platoon of soldiers
A posse of deputies
A regiment of soldiers
A ring of friends
A school of fish
A sect of believers
A senate of senators
A society of scholars
A squad of police officers
A staff/team/workforce/crew of employees
A Syndicate/Group/Consortium of investors
A throng of people
A troupe of performers
A unit of soldiers
A crew/team/union of workers
A batch/group of students
A team of players

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