List of Collective Nouns for Animals:

Collective Nouns for Animals.  List of animal herd names

Here is a long list of all collective nouns for animals.  But if you are not interested in learning them by heart, please scroll down to the bottom for a simple short list.
A herd of elephants
A pack of wolves
A pride of lions
A gaggle of geese
A flock of birds
A school of fish
A pod of dolphins
A swarm of bees
A colony of ants
A troop of monkeys
A flock of sheep
A litter of puppies/kittens
A murder of crows
A parliament of owls
A pride of peacocks
A colony of bats
A brood of chickens
A clutch of eggs
A nest of rabbits
A mob of kangaroos
A covey of quail
A colony of penguins
A pod of whales
A school of dolphins
A drove of cattle
A pack of dogs
A troop of kangaroos
A pack of hounds
A pod of seals
A colony of gulls
A raft of ducks
A shrewdness of apes
A drift of swine
A leap of leopards
A prickle of porcupines
A convocation of eagles
A cackle of hyenas
A bale of turtles
A muster of peacocks
A parliament of rooks
A gaze of raccoons
A flight of swallows
A bed of clams
A swarm of mosquitoes
A shiver of sharks
A skulk of foxes
A troop of baboons
A cloud of gnats
A bloat of hippopotamuses
A descent of woodpeckers
A charm of finches
A horde of insects
A host of sparrows
A brood of vipers
A quiver of cobras
A clowder of cats
A business of ferrets
A knot of toads
A venue of vultures
A glaring of cats
A crash of rhinoceroses
A quiver of cobras
A coalition of cheetahs
A zeal of zebras
A troop of langurs
A band of gorillas
A husk of hares
A sounder of pigs
A colony of rabbits
A litter of piglets
A kindle of kittens
A litter of puppies
A colony of guinea pigs
A drove of pigs
A drove of horses
A stable of horses
A mob of sheep
A paddock of horses
A stud of horses
A harras of horses
A team of horses
A string of horses
A troop of horses
A set of horses
A pair of horses
A stallion of horses
A herd of horses
A drove of horses
A flight of horses
A rag of colts
A drove of colts
A pair of colts
A herd of colts
A string of colts
A rag of fillies
A drove of fillies
A pair of fillies
A herd of fillies
A string of fillies
A string of mares
A flight of mares
A herd of mares
A drove of mares
A pair of mares
A stable of mares
A team of mares
A stud of mares
A harras of mares
A drove of mares
A troop of mares
A set of mares
A pair of mules
A team of mules
A string of mules
A stud of mules
A herd of mules
A drove of mules
A flight of mules
A harras of mules
A stable of mules
A troop of mules
A set of mules
A rag of mules
A pair of cows
A team of cows
A string of cows
A stud of cows
A herd of cows
A drove of cows
A flight of cows
A harras of cows
A stable of cows
A troop of cows
A set of cows
A rag of cows
A pair of steers
A team of steers
A string of steers
A stud of steers
A herd of steers
A drove of steers
A flight of steers
A harras of steers
A stable of steers
A troop of steers
A set of steers
A rag of steers
A pair of oxen
A team of oxen
A string of oxen
A stud of oxen
A herd of oxen
A drove of oxen
A flight of oxen
A harras of oxen
A stable of oxen
A troop of oxen
A set of oxen
A rag of oxen
A pair of goats
A team of goats
A string of goats
A stud of goats
A herd of goats
A drove of goats
A flight of goats
A harras of goats
A stable of goats
A troop of goats
A set of goats
A rag of goats
A pair of sheep
A team of sheep
A string of sheep
A stud of sheep
A herd of sheep
A drove of sheep
A flight of sheep
A harras of sheep
A stable of sheep
A troop of sheep
A set of sheep
A rag of sheep
A nest of snakes
A pit of snakes
A den of snakes
A pair of pigs
A team of pigs
A string of pigs
A stud of pigs
A herd of pigs
A drove of pigs
A flight of pigs
A harras of pigs
A stable of pigs
A troop of pigs
A set of pigs
A rag of pigs
A pair of dogs
A team of dogs
A string of dogs
A stud of dogs
A herd of dogs
A dazzle of zebras
A zeal of zebras
A herd of zebras

Short list of collective nouns for animals:

Herd (for animals such as cattle, sheep, deer, and elephants)
Pack (for animals such as wolves, dogs, and coyotes)
Flock (for animals such as sheep and for birds such as geese, ducks, and chickens)
Swarm (for insects such as bees, ants, and flies)
Pod (for marine mammals such as dolphins and whales)
Colony (for creatures like ants, bees, and penguins)
Troop (for primates such as monkeys and chimpanzees)
School (for fish such as herring and sardines)
Mob (for kangaroos)
Raft (for otters)
Team (for oxen, working together)
Pride (for lions)
Congregation (for alligators, crocodiles) 

Fill in the blanks:
  1. A ____ of lions.
  2. A ____ of geese.
  3. A ____ of sheep.
  4. A ____ of fish.
  5. A ____ of wolves.
  6. A ____ of ants.
  7. A ____ of elephants.
  8. A ____ of bees.
  9. A ____ of pigeons.
  10. A ____ of cattle.
  11. A ____ of birds.
  12. A ____ of monkeys.
  13. A ____ of dolphins.
  14. A ____ of snakes.
  15. A ____ of horses.
  16. A ____ of kangaroos.
  17. A ____ of butterflies.
  18. A ____ of whales.
  19. A ____ of frogs.
  20. A ____ of zebras.


  1. A pride of lions.
  2. A gaggle of geese.
  3. A flock of sheep.
  4. A school of fish.
  5. A pack of wolves.
  6. A colony of ants.
  7. A herd of elephants.
  8. A swarm of bees.
  9. A flock of pigeons.
  10. A herd of cattle.
  11. A flock of birds.
  12. A troop of monkeys.
  13. A pod of dolphins.
  14. A nest of snakes.
  15. A herd of horses.
  16. A mob of kangaroos.
  17. A flutter of butterflies.
  18. A pod of whales.
  19. A army of frogs.
  20. A dazzle of zebras.

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